Student Contracts

Students should print out their Student Contract, get it signed, and upload it to their eSchool student profile. They can take a picture and upload that file or scan it and upload it to their profile.

If they are unable to print, contact the eSchool office to sign electronically.

Students should watch their eSchool profile dashboard for the status of their course request. This Student Contract and counselor approval is required before the course request status will state “APPROVED”. 

2024 eSchool Summer Interim Student Contract -Now Available

summer icon24 summer interim contract image



student contract


2023-2024 Appleton eSchool Student Contract (no longer available)

For translated Hmong and Spanish contracts, please contact the eSchool office.

Check out the video below for directions on how to upload a signed contract to an eSchool profile.

You can take a picture and upload that file or scan and upload to your profile. Accessing your eSchool Profile on a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) will allow you to take a picture with your mobile device and upload directly into your profile.  

Trying to upload a Student Contract from your smartphone? 

ScreenshotTake a screenshot, sign the document and upload straight from your phone. 

It will look something like this.




NOTE: This summer interim paperwork must be uploaded into the student’s eSchool profile beginning March 10 to complete the registration with the electronic course request. Instructions for requesting an eSchool course in their eSchool profile are located on our registration page.