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Our mission is to utilize new and emerging technologies to provide students a pathway to achieve success within a 21st century learning environment. We will provide high-quality standards-driven curriculum that is able to accommodate students’ varying physical locations while providing flexible time frames and course pacing.


Core Beliefs Team Photo

Core Beliefs

Student Agency – Empowered students activate their learning.

  • Enable an element of control for students over their learning. 
  • Connect with and utilize coaches and mentors.
  • Choose from an expansive catalog of standards-aligned courses.

Flexibility – Student learning and individual responsibility working together.

  • Embraces anytime and anywhere ongoing courses.
  • Provides access to dynamic high-quality standards-aligned content
  • Allows for content and systems to update continuously to stay on the innovative edge.
  • Supports today’s need for both in-person and online learning.

Skills & Experiences – Success today generates post-high school readiness tomorrow.

  • Experience at least one online course in high school and earn an online course-ready badge.
  • Advocate by asking questions.
  • Communicate effectively with email, messaging, and video.
  • Understand and utilize resources to learn.
  • Collaborate with students across Wisconsin.

Appleton eSchool should offer a wide variety of course options for high school credit as generated by students' needs and interests.

Appleton Area School District students should be encouraged to complete at least one online course as preparation for an increasingly technological world.

In general, it is not recommended that students take all of their high school courses through online learning.

The future success of Appleton eSchool is contingent upon exploring and engaging in partnerships that maximize resources to benefit students.