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Part-Time Online (Request a Course)

This page contains detailed information about the Registration process, the Student Contract and Course Selection (requesting a course) process. You will likely reference this page several times to complete the course request process. 

Appleton eSchool has two course request opportunities: Ongoing Registration and Up front Registration.

***Ongoing Registration*** (most part-time students request courses during ongoing registration)

eSchool will continue to offer ongoing registrations for AASD students directly through our eSchool profile. Ongoing Registration is completed through the eSchool profile and is open late August through mid-February during the current school year. Courses go through an approval process that involves the eSchool office and School Counselor.  

This year's Ongoing Registration was available from August 21, 2023, through February 15, 2024. 
Click here to access the 2023-2024 catalogThe Course Catalog may not be complete until closer to September.

  • Looking for “PE”?  eSchool PE offerings are  “Personal Fitness” and “PE HOPE”.
  • Looking for US History?  It's sometimes called Comprehensive American History.
  • Looking for Algebra 2 for Pre-Calc?  In the eSchool catalog it is called Algebra 2. (AASD’s Algebra 2 for Pre-Calc is equivalent to our Algebra 2 class).

Students seeking to take more than 2 eSchool courses simultaneously will need to consult their counselor and the Appleton eSchool.  

Logging into Your eSchool Profile and **Requesting a Course**:

  1. Log in with your AASD username and password to access your eSchool profile. If you do not have an AASD username and password, please contact the eSchool office
  2. Request a course(s). Course requests go through a course approval process that involves the student’s counselor. Use your course status indication in your profile to monitor the course approval process
  3. Print, sign (parent & student) and upload your eSchool Student Contract in eSchool profile

Need help? Be sure to check out our troubleshooting page.

Helpful Screencasts

Request a Course

Course Approval Process & Notification Location

Uploading a Student Contract to the eSchool Profile

(Remember, this is required for course approval.)

***Up front Registration***

AASD high school students seeking to take eSchool classes during the school year can register for eSchool courses during the Up front high school scheduling window at East, North, and West high schools.

Up front Registration is completed in Infinite Campus and takes place in concert with AASD high school scheduling (generally December and January) for the next school year. Students are still required to sign and turn in a Student Contract. Students are encouraged to check with their high school for specific dates. 

New for 2024-2025 high school scheduling.  Students will fill out a google form to indicate courses they are interested in taking via eSchool for the following school year.  Here is the link to the form.  This is only for up-front high school scheduling.  Ongoing course requests during the school year occur within the eSchool platform and student profiles.  Here is the link to the video with directions:

In the winter and spring, if students are seeking changes to their schedule for the upcoming school year, students can see their counselor to make updates, including adding or dropping online eSchool courses. This updating period usually ends at the end of June.

Contact your specific local high school directly for the timelines for up front registration.