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To ensure a smooth final exam experience, students enrolled in eSchool should communicate directly with their teacher regarding their specific exam schedule.

Final exam sessions for eSchool courses are held in January and May. The January session coincides with the January late start morning, while the May sessions typically occur during the third week of May.

Students who reside outside the Appleton area should find a local proctor, such as a public library or their resident school.

Flexible Final Exams
In addition, students who finish their coursework early may schedule a time to take their final exam before their teacher's final exam session. Remember, students must obtain clearance from their teacher before taking the final exam. Students should report to their specific class session. 

For more information or to schedule a final exam at a different time of year, students should contact their teacher or the eSchool office.

Final Exam Schedule for eSchool courses*

eSchool plans to host in person final exam sessions in January and May of each school year at each high school.  Watch your emails for information and details.

*If you have any questions, please contact your teacher directly or contact the eSchool office to make arrangements to complete your final exam at a different time of year.